10 easy ways to memorialize Eid!

Eid is one of the most joyous occasion that the Muslim community celebrates. From satisfying you to satisfying those around you, lots and lots needs to be done. Here is how you can easily deal with your to-do list.

1. Satisfying taste buds!
All sorts of festivities bring along tasty food. Be it the yummy desserts on Eid mornings or the meaty dishes on Eid ul Azha, satisfying cravings is one of the essentials.

2. Family first! Spend time with elderly relatives.
Eid is the perfect opportunity to chit-chat with the wise faction of the population always a good idea to take a customised gift along when paying a visit to grandparents. Family deserves your utmost attention, love, care and time. Buy a lot of presents including customised jewellery and cufflinks. For all gifting and packaging solutions, The Elegance is always there!

3. Charity
Attain a spiritual revival by giving heaps and heaps to the needy- in cash as well as kind. Imagine the priceless smile that you can bring on a poor man’s face by presenting Eidi, sweets and ration.

4. Enjoy leisure time
Nothing brings more joy than just resting on a couch, playing with a magic pillow and sipping on tea from a magic mug. All these lounging must-haves are available at The Elegance.

5. Improve interior decoration
With due credits to the merciful employers, Eid bonuses are lavishly spent on personal grooming as well as the ambience of our home sweet home. Don’t forget to furnish yours with our eye catching lamps!

6. Gifting
All around the globe, Eid is marked by the exchange of gifts and similar sort of positive gestures. Grab personalised gifts for all your loved ones from The Elegance.

7. Cheer up the kids!
Lively kids bring life to all gatherings. Please the kids by gifting cute lunch boxes, bags and water bottles, and make your party a huge success.

8. Outings
Outdoor activities only fit in the Eid holidays of our hectic schedules. Make the most of them but ensure that you grab our customised caps, beforehand. Save yourself from the tan!

9. Doll up!
The most important part of Eid is shopping and looking good. The Elegance brings you complete range of men and women fashion products. Say no to getting stuck in traffic jams, dealing with annoyed sales staff and all that congestion. Get your wardrobe delivered at your doorstep.

10. Eidi
Eidi is gifting cash on Eid. Giving Eidi and receiving Eidi are equally joyful. Be generous while giving it to your siblings. Don’t miss any chance of receiving too!

As your facilitators, The Elegance will help your strengthen your bond with your dear ones by providing the best gifting and packaging services. What are you waiting for?

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