5 ways to make your gift look appealing!

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that there are cost effective ways in which you can make your present look fantasizing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. You need not strain your pockets to add that luxurious touch to your present. You need not apply any complex arithmetic, either. Presenting to you 5 tips to make your gift an eye candy:

1. Personalise it with initials of the recipient.

Topping that wonderful box with tags of initials of the name of your loved one would communicate a lot. On the outset, it would be conveyed that you have dedicated time and effort putting forward a well thought present. Take a step further and get the recipient’s name embossed. Personalisation is a fail-proof appealing technique and The Elegance specializes in it.

2. Resort to artistic packaging

Add that royal touch to your wonder box by dressing it in a cloak of nobility. Make the gift box an experience for the recipient by making them feel as special as an emperor/empress. Wouldn’t you be overwhelmed if you open a gift box and a bunch of balloon spring up? The Elegance offers premium packaging services.

3. Play with colour pigments

Being as creative as a kindergarten kid can improve your gifting skills, phenomenally. All you need to do is being brave while mixing and matching colours. From ribbons to wrapping paper, make sure you stick to an elegant theme. A cohesiveness in colour theme is noticed more than you think it is. However, don’t forget to try the contrast between light and darker hues!

4. Showcase elegant calligraphy

Calligraphy steps up your gifting skills like no other. Calligraphy is known for the grace and decency that it brings to the overall gift. It’s high time to bid farewell to boring fonts and attaching calligraphic tags to your gifts. Minimal efforts are required to get this cherry on the top! The Elegance can print these calligraphic tags for you.

5. Box within a box!

This trick never grows old. The Elegance wants you to make a funky statement while gifting to your closest friends. Add that surprise element by layering the actual gift under a number of boxes. Let the recipient struggle and long to reach the actual present. A gigantic box is appealing, no matter how miniature the actual gift is.

Want to add such personalisation to your presents? The Elegance has got you covered!

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