Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Best Tips for Heat Waves in Pakistan on Ramadan

The prevailing series of heatwaves in Pakistan has come just in time with Ramadan Kareem. This means that now Pakistanis have to care about themselves to survive through fasting, in these blazing sunrays. Here are a few preventative and curative measures that you can take:

Go easy on the dinner table:

Yes, I understand that you have starved yourself all day and want to eat loads at the sunset but please hold your horses. I am not asking you to consume less. I am asking you to consume in smaller portions and at regular intervals. Eating too much in a single meal will disturb your metabolism and leave no space for water consumption.

Strike the right balance:

What do you eat matters as how much do you eat. The quality of your diet is as important as the quality of your diet. By healthy diet, I mean a balanced diet. Make sure you don’t dump your stomach with one particular eatable. Have a balanced diet to provide your body with all sorts of nutrition, fibre and vitamins necessary to regulate normal body temperature. Yogurt and cold fruit juices may help.

Lock yourself indoors:

The immediate measure to avoid heatstroke is to avoid going out in the sun. Reschedule all your daytime activities to the evening. Try to avoid outdoor activities and exposure to sun. Save your skin from tan and enjoy the air conditioned breezes.

Heat wave tips and summer wear in pakistan

Water yourself:

The most obvious step is to stay hydrated. Remind yourself to drink water or other fluids from time to time. Dehydration is what lets heat affect you, internally. Keep a water bottle along on the go. In case you are fasting, try to consume water over and above the minimum requirement, while you can.

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