Eid Wishes, Quotes & Gifts

Eid Wishes, Quotes & Gifts

Eid Wishes, Quotes & Gifts

Once Ramadan Kareem is over, Eid festivity takes charge. The millennial use technology for every possible thing on Earth. On Eid days, cell phones are really about to burst ringing and beeping! Hey, it’s Eid. We have to be expressive towards our Muslim brothers and sisters. And that’s no sin. Like every other aspect of our life, Eid wishing has also become automated. While Eid cards still hold immense importance, Eid wishes sms have now taken over. This Eid, you will not have to spend a lot of time composing an artistic wish. The Elegance has composed a few, for you:

Eid Wish for you:

Eradicate hate and greed
Munch on desserts and sweets
Give alms and do a good deed
I wish you a Happy Eid

The word ‘Eid Mubarak’ wishes you:

-Eat until your stomach mourns
I – Illustrate Eid cards until crayons deplete
– Drink Rooh Afza until you overflow
– Message wishes until your fingers ache
-Undertake responsibilities until you disappoint
-Bake cakes until the oven cries
-Access Eidi until your wallet tears
-Rock and roll until neighbours get cross
-Abandon sleep until your eyes are sore
-Kiss and hug until your relatives plead
Wishing you a mischievous Eid!

Eid Day Guide:

Connect with your lord

Contact distant relatives

Rejoice with family

Spend time with elderly

Feed the hungry

Reconcile with lost friends

Give present to siblings

Hug tighter than you can

Socialise with your peers

Celebrate the diversity

Welcome esteemed guestsTake a step further and make the most out of this festival. Wishing you a blessed Eid!

The Elegance also presents Eid Gifts for your friends, family & colleagues with complimentary chocolates.

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