Five Weird Things About Listicles on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve endured listicles. Some of them have us smiling at the screen (making our siblings wonder who we are chatting with), others fail to impress, while many give us a strange urge to throw something. Whatever the case may be, every listicle has at least one of the following characteristics:

  1. Never an easy read

There are only a few points given on every page, and we need to keep going to the ‘Next Page’ for more. And if the list is really long, God bless us. Why couldn’t they make our lives easier and just keep everything on one page?


  1. Addictive

It’s a love-hate relationship with the ‘Next Page’ button. We’ll loathe it yet click on it. But hey, in our defense, who doesn’t like articles with lots of moving pictures (read: gifs)?


  1. Forced humor

Some listicles leave us thinking, ‘What even…?’. The next time you are wondering whether the jest was too ‘high-level’ for you to get it, remember, a joke isn’t a joke if only a PhD can understand it.


  1. Un-relatability

We just can’t understand why someone would wanna cook up ‘16 things only a Chinioti can relate to’ when he/she clearly doesn’t know 16 things a Chinioti can relate to. Maybe they should get an actual CHINIOTI to create the list!

P.S. we also don’t get the fascination with Chiniotis.


  1. It’s a vicious cycle, people

When we’re done reading one listicle, there are another dozen inviting titles below that rope us in. It’s like the mafia – once you’re in, you’re in. Watch out, it’s gonna happen with this one too!


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