From Kids to Adults: Birthday Gifts for Everyone!

From Kids to Adults: Birthday Gifts for Everyone!

From Kids to Adults: Birthday Gifts for Everyone!

Every so often, we find ourselves in the middle of a month where it’s suddenly everyone’s birthday. This weekend, there’s a family get-together to celebrate your baby cousin’s first birthday. Next week, your sister’s turning 21 and insistent on making it a huge deal. And at the end of the month, your former college friend is turning the big 3-0. Try as you may, you’re not getting out of any of these. So, if you’re searching for birthday gifts in Pakistan, this list of our 20 best birthday presents is the ultimate guide for all ages.

Birthday Gifts for 1 year Old

Infants just need something that makes noise and that can safely be put in their mouth. But gifting for the sake of their parents helps, too. Opt for a1st Birthday Romper that is an ideal 1 year old birthday gift idea.

Gift for 2 year old

Two year olds are full of energy, jumping, running, and playing. They have already started to speak in sentences, using words to express their own feelings. With so many new skills, your 2 year old is just waiting to use them. As your child gets more active, they’ll take an interest in toys to pull, push, and throw around them. So, among several 2 year old birthday gift ideas, why not give them a cute red teddy bear that they can play and squeeze and make their special friend.

Birthday Gift for 3 Year OldThats not my series

As your 3 year old is preparing for preschool, you’ll want to provide them with a variety of books that help her or him cultivate different cognitive skills through reading. Because three year olds love stories and rhymes, they love picture books. Gift them a fun and interactive story book filled with beautiful images to help your child explore new things and enhance their perspectives.

That’s not my series book

Birthday Gift for 4 year oldButton Game Birthday Gift

Your 4 year old is developing a greater sense of control and a big imagination. At this age, kids have longer attention spans so they can focus on a variety of playthings like action figures, dolls, crafts, and more. Why not give your 4 year old a birthday gift of an interactive fun game of playing buttons that they can use to craft figures and characters, Button Game.

Birthday Gift for 5 year old

At 5, your baby is finally ready to take on the major job of childhood – kindergarten. For kids, kindergarten is a big transition from little kid to big kid. This 5 year old birthday gift of a personalized engraved wooden notebook is an amazing idea.

Birthday Gift for 6 year old

Six year olds are learning everything so rapidly. They are all set for making new friends outside, spending a lot of time away from home. Give them their favorite cartoon or a game t shirt or outfit that they can show off and flex in their friends group or maybe in any school party.

Birthday Gift for 7 year old Revolving Photo Frame Birthday Gift

In case you haven’t already noticed, your little one is growing up so fast. Seven year olds tend to ask many questions, because they are curious and enthusiastic about the world around them. Giving them something personalized but also playful at the same time would be an awesome idea. Thus, a revolving birthday frame would be a perfect blend of both the things and make an ideal gift for 7 year old.

Birthday Gift for 8 year old

In the 2nd or 3rd grade, 8 year olds are beginning to develop their own personalities and interests.It would be a great idea to teach your kid at this age the value of money and taking care of their things. Gift them a personalized wooden safe box that they can use to treasure their little belongings and few rupees.

Birthday Gift for 9 year old

The 9 year old on your list is starting to form more complex friendships as they spend more time away from home. The best gifts for 9 year old boys and girls could be a personalized picture puzzle.

Birthday Gift for 10 year old

Double digits! Turning 10 is a big deal. In the fifth or sixth grade, 10 year olds are almost teenagers. It’s the time when kids are defining who they are. That’s why shopping for tweens and 10 year olds can be difficult. Gift them a personalized name or picture watch to style up their look.

Birthday Gift for 11 year old

What do 11 year olds like? What are the best toys for 11 year olds? Eleven year olds love electronics, quiet time reading, drawing, watching movies, and playing video games. Gift them a personalized name banner with the theme of their favourite game like Pubg or Minecraft.

Birthday Gift for 12 year old

What should you get for someone who is 12 years old? They’ll be the first to remind you that they aren’t kids anymore. 12 year olds aren’t grownups, but they are growing faster than you think. A birthday lamp for their studies might be a good addition to their home décor.

Birthday Gift for 13 year old

Today’s teens are just grownups with enough time to do the things we only wish we could. A personalized wallet set for them to start saving money might be a good gift. And a magic cushion pillow for girls would be amazing.

Birthday Gift for 14 year old

Show the teens in your life to appreciate all that free time while they can with special birthday gifts this year. A custom t shirt or a hoodie with their name or their favourite design is a perfect outfit gift for them.

Birthday Gift for 15 year old

Gifting a 15 year old student is all about opting for utility. Think utility supplements to get them through those late nights at the library or basically a customized USB with any love quote for them would be an amazing gift.

Birthday Gift for 16 year old

If you are planning to wish a 16 year old happy birthday, do it in style. This Birthday special Gift Hamper has a ceramic custom mug and a custom pillow that cheers for the birthday. Surprise the teen with this special customized gift for them.

Birthday Gift for 17 year old

The perfect gift idea for anyone who has a sweet tooth can be a unique chocolate bouquet. From delicious snickers bouquets to stunning Chocolate Bar Bouquets, Chocolates and a flower bouquet are always a firm favorite and this birthday bouquet has two gifts in one. They will love tucking into our mouth-watering gift.

Birthday Gift for 18 year old

Basically, buy anything we didn’t have in college that would have made a big difference. As 18 year olds are starting their professional life and going to embark on the university life their work desk might become very disorganized. A personalized docking station that can provide flexible options to stay organized will make an awesome 18 year old birthday gift.

Birthday Gift for 19 year old

Let this led string light photo gift preserve and add an everlasting charm to the important moments in the life of a 19 year old. Through this gift you can recollect your memories and reminisce about the good vibes.

Birthday Gift for 20 year old

With immense workload the 20 year olds have they will need to stay punctual while scheduling their day to day tasks. Gift a customized name table clock that they can use for keeping track of time and it is also a beautiful decoration for your home. And a chocolate flower basket will be an amazing birthday gift for her.

While it’s tempting to give everyone; mom, dad, grandpa, even your friends the same item (i.e. a practical and easy gift card), going the route of gifting something more in-line with their specific interests will be worth more brownie points. From your toddler nephew to your like-a-sister best friend, we hope these 20 great birthday gift ideas help you strengthen your relationships. Just remember, karma comes back around. A good gift could be beneficial when the gifting tables are turned. So what are you waiting for, visit The Elegance now for birthday gifts online shopping in Pakistan.

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