Gifting to helpers during Ramzan – The unconventional guide

Ramadan and Eid are marked with the exchange or gifts. No matter what the nature of the gifts is, all gifts inculcate emotions. Gifts can be metaphysical like forgiveness and prayers. Or, they can be the material ones that differ according to geographical context. But, the fact that they emit positive vibes, stands still.

As a good deed

Ramzan brings a spiritual revival within all Muslims. We become ever concerned for the under privileged in the society. That is the realisation that fasting has to inculcate. Apart from the charity, it is encouraged to give gifts to the under privileged individuals around us. May be they do not have as much as resources as you do, maybe they would prefer there hard earned income over aid, maybe they would hesitate showing that they are unable to buy new clothes and footwear for their families but certainly, they deserve to be a part of the festivity that we all enjoy at Eid.

As a remover of power distance

Undoubtedly, it is appreciated to send gifts to remote, distressed, disaster stricken Muslim community members around the globe. However, it is wiser to take the initiative from your own vicinity. The ones around us are the ones we are accountable for. Gifts not only respect the dignity of the recipient but also takes away the unused surplus resources away from us and allocate them in better hands. The hands that were always busy in serving you!                                                   

A reinforcer of social bonds

The message of Ramzan is to remove social discrimination and class gaps. Gifts are the best expressions to tell your right-hand assistants that you connect with them. This connection puts aside all commercialism and strengthens the bond between you and your domestic help. It is good idea to let your colleagues know, at least once a year, that you value your relationship with them.

Muslim or non-Muslim, utilize this opportunity and give a head start to this vicious chain of smiles and see it spread within a healthy social construct and beyond. For convenient gifting and packing solutions, The Elegance is always there!

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