How do I dress according to the season?

South Asia is blessed with well-defined seasons. However, winters and summers are more noticeable. It really is a thought provoking and time consuming transition from winter to summer wear and vice versa. Considering what these seasons bring along, here are a few tips and tricks to get along.


All of us are in a certain sort of dilemma, during summers. We want to look good but also to stay cool? It really asks for cautious mix. How do I avoid layering and still look well composed? How much of body exposure to sunlight is fine? How do I dress for outdoor parties while maintaining my cool? It really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Airy fabrics, minimal layering, lighter hues, compensating accessories and other manipulative tactics can lift up your overall appearance. Check out the summer collection at The Elegance.


It is the time of the year in which Karachiites draw out all their dumped sweaters, sweatshirts and other thicker fabrics which they never get to wear. Even if you don’t feel the need, this is the time to flaunt your wardrobe. Pull out those clothes that were put aside sue to heat and humidity and let the world complement your taste!


We, as Pakistanis, seldom get to enjoy winter. It brings you the freedom to overdress, without being prone to sweating. Loose hoodies, jackets and varsity jackets are all over the place. They are cosy and comfortable. Darker colours like black and royal blue are most flexible.  They can go with almost every outfit and every look. Casual shoes may prevent your toes from catching cold. You can get all of these products from The Elegance. Stand out through personalisation. Don’t settle for that mainstream hoodie that everyone has!


The best part of the year is here! Reciprocate positive vibes by experimenting your dressing sense and donning floral patterns. Vibrant coloured, lively and eye catching Kurtis are always welcomed. Let nothing stop you from looking the best. The Elegance’s Kurtis collection has numerous designs, material and colour variations to cater all preferences.

Research has proven that your makeover actually affects your social standing, economic advantage and overall mood. So, look well-dressed throughout the year. The Elegance wishes you happy grooming!

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