How to Make Valentine’s Day Special During a Pandemic

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special During a Pandemic

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special During a PandemicHow to Make Valentine’s Day 2021 Special During a Pandemic in Pakistan

We know the giddiness that comes with Valentine’s Day celebrations fast approaching on  14th February 2021. If you want to make Valentine’s Day extra special for your beloved, fret no more! Here are 4 ways you can celebrate this special day at home with just the perfect gift for your partner.

Candle Lit Dinner on Valentine

1. In-House Candle-lit dinner

A dinner at home is romantic and economical. More importantly, it is a thoughtful gesture for your partner! Show your affection for your partner through food. You can either cook for them. Or you can order takeout and set the table out in the balcony. Or in a cozy nook. Turn the lights off, light some candles, put on some classic jazz music (or Ed Sheeran’s Perfect) and voila! Personalise your space by adding customized LED Photo Clip String Lights at The Elegance. Your Valentine’s dinner is ready to go!

Ordering Gift Baskets and Care PackagesOrdering gift baskets and care packages

Spoil your beloved by putting together anything and everything they love. From their favorite chocolates to their favorite perfumes, go catch ‘em all!

But Valentine’s doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems to be. With the right choices, you and your significant other could enjoy a good day in! Spoil yourself and your loved one with this care package available at The Elegance.

If you plan on staying at home, which is highly recommended, get matching PJ’s! Matching onesies on a date, would be just so comfortable.

Speak in FlowersSpeak in Flowers

Surprise your beloved by sending them a bouquet of flowers! You could choose to go with the traditional 12 roses. You can also instead try out something new. Go with yellow lilies to show your gratitude towards them. Let them know you’re thinking of them by sending the blue salvia. Or declare your love with the red tulips!

An innovative Valentine’s day gift for your wife is the 3D Pop-Up Rose Ring Box!

Or  you can forgo flowers altogether and send her a bouquet of chocolates that she’ll be sure to love. Order these heartwarming gifts at The Elegance to make your Valentine’s day celebrations extra special.

Going the extra mile

If your partner is into arts and crafts, get together for a fun activity! Have a little competition and make each other a card or a poster for each other. Gather some colored sheets of paper, glue, glitter, paints and dive into the world of crafts!

If you’re looking for something more exciting, then you can organize a treasure hunt. Think of various spaces within the house that make good hiding spots. Use inside jokes and riddles as hints to the next location until finally! The last location reveals the present. This ensures some quality time you are bound to have. You could also leave little heartfelt notes to let your loved one know exactly how much you love them by getting them this 100 Reasons Love Jar!

5. Going the extra mile on valentinePerhaps, if you and your loved one prefers the outdoors more, plan a small picnic in your lawn. Have a basket of chocolates ready, make sandwiches and lemonade or ask a family member to help you out!

You could go all out for the perfect present on valentine’s day. But remember, the day is about your beloved, and what you both have. You can even just get a tub (or two) of their favorite ice-cream and sit in front of the tv, eat ice-cream and binge-watch Netflix. Whatever you choose to do, The Elegance is here to help you celebrate your Valentine’s day in Pakistan and abroad!

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