Journey of Passion


This is a very short word but there are a series of emotions and energy it brings with it. A dream not only gives one the confidence to go for what they like doing, but also becomes the source of hope for many. There is a dream that Mohammad Kumail Gulani saw and that was to build The Elegance and make it a success.

A 19 year old boy who just entered the world of business and finance, decided that he wanted to initiate a company that can set a benchmark of quality in Pakistan. At first the task seemed impossible with a lot of issues and problems. However, as time went by, he not only solved all those issues that came his way but also made his first project of selling Hoodies and Jackets in IBA Karachi, a success.

The passion and energy he and his team worked with, has brought them to the point where after 2 years of experience as an online startup venture with a Facebook page, they have initiated their own official website. A satisfied pool of customers and immense support from its target audience has encouraged them to feel that the journey ahead might need way many sleepless nights, great deal of hard work but it really isn’t impossible. This journey of passion has been getting a lot of support and will continue setting benchmark of success.

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