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The Elegance brings the designing studio to your disposal and gives you the liberty to design your own products! Your gifting partner encourages you to unleash the designer within and design your own products. Pakistani men and women, you can design your own products online for yourselves and your loved ones!

Design your own mug

Design your own mug and kitchenware using this designer. Place your memorable pictures and wishes to design your own mug and present it as a gift! Mug options include travel mugs and coasters. 

Create your own photo keychain

To turn your gift idea into reality, create your own photo keychain! If you create your own photo keychain, your keyring will be exactly like you wanted it to be! Similarly, you can also design badges, magnets and pop sockets for your loved ones! 

Design your own picture frame

Design your own picture frame to add a custom effect to your present! The Elegance encourages you to design your own picture frame because a personalized gift truly reflects your thought process! 

Design your own pillow

The Elegance is Pakistani’s favorite gifting partner because it also lets you design your own pillows! Go all out and extra while designing your heart shaped pillows, square shaped pillows, magic pillows, LED pillows and picture pillows. Design creatively to leave a good first impression. 

Apart from these products, The Elegance also lets you:

  • Design your own pencil case
  • Design your own T shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, romper and jacket
  • Design your own make up pouch
  • Create your own notebook cover
  • Design your own clock
  • Design your own mobile cover
  • Design your own clock
  • Design your own nameplate

This designer is god sent for you if you love to customize your own products!