Makeup Essentials


Looking for a gift for her to pamper your loved ones? The Elegance is here for the rescue, we are introducing a Makeup Essentials basket which is filled with every thing she needs for her makeup routine, So what are you waiting for Order Now our Makeup essential basket for her, she will surely love it.

Makeup Essentials for Women includes

  • 5 Makeup Brushes in Jute bag,
  • 5 Nail Paints,
  • Face Beauty Blender,
  • 5 Mini Blenders,
  • 2 Sheet Mask,
  • Pond’s Day cream,
  • Facial Wipes,
  • Lip Balm,
  • Pocket Perfume,
  • Nail Paint remover
  • Basket with net packaging & card

Most women just love taking care of themselves and treating themselves to best practices for a healthy life.

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