The Background of Magic Mugs!

The pleasure of sipping beverage from a magic mug is simply inexpressible in words! I bet it adds to the taste of the tea. The coffee tastes better when in a magic mug instead of dull, boring and plain mug. Magic mug is no mere illusion. The appearing of an image out of nowhere is really fantasizing. Brewing black tea has never been more fun.
But how? The outer surface of the mug is layered with a heat sensitive coating. As soon as hot contents are poured in, the coating fades out and the imagery appears on the background. Not just imagery. Customised imagery- your photography, a group selfie, a romantic artwork or a funky animation. You name it!

Magic mugs myths also need to be busted. They are absolutely microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe. However, it is advised to gently scrub them and expose them only to mild heat. This will maintain the picture quality for ages.
For greater appreciation, present magic mugs in birthdays, anniversaries, friendship day etc. Magic mugs are so inn that your loved ones would be so eager to have them. Don’t make them wait any further. To be honest, adults are as excited about them just as much as kids are!
Magic mugs have now became a breakfast table essential. Moreover, they serve as the perfect gifts. We have seen those wide smiles fading in as soon as a memorable photograph fades in on a magic mug. The Elegance not only provides quality in terms of the product material but also add value to the relationships you cherish. Such personalised gifts are valued for a lifetime.

All of us are possessive about our personal mug. But, Magic mugs bring along an element of fantasy and surprise. Order your favourite ones at The Elegance and don’t forget to provide us the text and image that you want to be printed.

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