Top Happy Birthday Wishes of 2022

Top Happy Birthday Wishes in Pakistan

Top Happy Birthday Wishes of 2021Top Happy Birthday Wishes of 2021

Birthdays are a chance to make your loved ones feel special! A customized cake, a theme birthday party and personalized gift needs to be topped with an emotional birthday wish. Sending birthday cards via email, birthday quotes on WhatsApp or birthday greeting SMS can lift up the mood of the birthday girl or birthday boy. Are you looking for funny birthday wishes, emotional birthday messages, professional email birthday messages or poetic birthday greetings?  Here are some birthday messages that you can forward to your friends and family members. 

Birthday wish for sweet sisterBirthday wish for sweet sister

Growing up with you was a hell lot of fun! Thank you for bearing my tantrums over the years. Being as unapologetic as ever, I would love to have you by my side like you have always been. Happy birthday to you, sister!

Birthday quote for baby brother

Can you stop being so cute and stealing all the attention away from me? Sharing my parents with you is hard but sharing naughty ideas with you is a bliss! Happy birthday, baby bro! 

Birthday SMS for silly sonBirthday SMS for silly son

Dearest Son, stop crying in the middle of the night for absolutely no reason. You can burp around all day but we got work to do. Happy birthday to our shehzada! Yours diligently,  Annoyed parents

Birthday wish for boy best friendBirthday wish for boy best friend

You should be proud that I remember your birthday without a Facebook reminder. You are lucky to have me so stick around! Also, treat scene on karo, jani!

Birthday message for fabulous fiancéBirthday message for fabulous fiancé

I wish to wake up by your side on every birthday of yours. I wish to fulfill every dream of yours. I vow to pull you out of every hardship of yours. Happy birthday dear fiancé!

Birthday status for handsome husband

With every passing year, I am falling in love with you, over and over again! This birthday, hold my hand and promise me to stick along for all the years to come. Happy birthday, hubby! 

Birthday greetings for magical moms

Happy birthday to the superwoman who gave birth to me. You have given me the gift of birth. I can never give you a gift as priceless as that. But deep at heart, you know that I am connected to you in all possible ways one can be connected! Happy birthday maaa! 

Birthday wish for bossBirthday wish for boss

This birthday, take a break. Turn off your phone, snooze all your alarms and disable email notifications. A hardworking leader like you deserves to have a festive break! Happy birthday, boss!

Birthday wish for colleague

On your big day. I would like to thank you for helping me manage the workload, tapping my back for a job well done and refreshing me on busy days at work! Happy birthday! 

Birthday Whatsapp message for daughter

Birthday Whatsapp message for daughter

Happy birthday, dear daughter! You brought us joy and laughter! You brought us close to one another! We love to hear your chatter! HBD guriya raani ☺

Birthday email for talented teacher

I am glad that you were born. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Thank you for grooming me over the years. May you live long to see me bring laurels to you. Happy birthday ma’am! With these birthday wishes and The Elegance’s wide range of happy birthday cards, personalized birthday gifts, custom made cake and thematic birthday decorations, you can surely make someone’s BIG day really special. If you are looking for birthday surprise themes, check out our last blog. Let us know your favorite birthday wish and whom it came from in the comments section below!
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