An excerpt from a father’s diary- Bakra Eid Day

An excerpt from a father’s diary- Bakra Eid day
As I stepped out of his air-conditioned workplace, my body confronted the heatwave outside. While, I waited to be rescued by a public transport, I pondered about the inequality in the society. My employers sat in their chilled offices while I was subjected to these unbearable sun-rays.

But what is my fault?

The weather seemed so unbearable because it was not a normal work day for me. Today, I was leaving with my redundancy letter in my hands. I wonder how simply my supervisor could say, “You are a dedicated employee. It is just that we do not need you anymore”.But what is my fault

Wrong timing

Supervisor’s mixed expressions, plain tone and robotic words did not hurt me as much. What hurt me most was the fact that this was happening when Eid-ul-Azha was approaching!Perfect timing

How would I face my son?

My young son, Saad, was too excited to be disappointed. How would I turn down his innocent wish? He had made this wish in advance, “I want a cute goat, this year”.  How would my son be able to curb his desire while all our neighborhood was filled with animals to be sacrificed. I could have taken an advance from office to grant his wish but how would I be able to afford the goat now? The price was out of my reach.How would I face my son

Saad led me to the tent of animals

Saad came rushing towards me. I wanted to hide. He dragged me to the tent of animals.  My wife and neighbors were there. Everyone was busy feeding their animals while I stood ashamed. Suddenly, my wife pointed a cute goat and said it was ours!Saad led me to the tent of animals

Rush of emotions

I could not belief my eyes. To dampen my curiosity my wife said, “I saved up for this for a few months”. Happiness, surprise and gratitude encompassed me. God had given me my fair share of luxuries in the form of a caring family.Rush of emotions

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