Urdu Name Bracelet

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A beautiful and dainty piece of jewelry with a unique design is a must for any jewelry lover. Personalized Arabic name gold bracelet with bead details and custom font of your choice, basically all the goodness, is being provided an affordable price. Custom made to perfection with the adjustable diameter and dazzling gold color is bound to draw attention. Ideal to gift your loved ones. Everyone from famous celebrities to the everyday mom can be seen walking around with Name/monogram bracelets, and other pieces of personalized jewelry. Everyone wants to know just what those letters stand for!

  • Gold/Silver Plated
  • Packed in a box
  • Free Home Delivery
  • Free Greeting Card
  • Delivery time: At least 6 working days (Cannot be made urgently)
Gold Plated
Gold Plated
Silver Plated
Silver Plated
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