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5 Wonderful Eid Gifts for Brother

5 Wonderful Eid Gifts for Brother Online Gifts in Pakistan

Celebrate this Eid with your loved ones by spending time with them and giving them Eidi to show your love and support for them for their endless struggles. Make this Eid special for your brothers who spent the whole month of Ramadan bringing groceries and helping out at home. You can appreciate and show support […]

Eid Gift Ideas For Sister

Islam says a lot about sisters and sisterhood one saying is, ‘Spending on your sisters will increase your wealth!’. By making sure we’re including everyone from our family when celebrating Eid, we should also include our sisters. Since Eid-ul-Fitr means a lot for girls because they’ve been waiting to get dolled up for this day, […]

All you need to know about Eidi & Eid Gift Ideas


Are you all geared up for Eid? From the stitching of dresses to the stocking of groceries, almost everything is done but have you bought Eidi gifts for all those who matter in your life? If not, The Elegance is here with a few customization ideas that can really up your Eidi game. Eidi for […]

Tips for Eid Shopping in Pakistan


Once all the grocery is stocked for both Ramadan and Eid, then comes the more interesting part: self-grooming. Considering how essential it is, be generous. For, all the ladies who worry a bit too much about Eid shopping, we are here with a few soothing ideas. Understanding the time constraint, busy Ramadan schedule and fasting […]

An excerpt from a father’s diary- Bakra Eid Day

An excerpt from a father’s diary- Bakra Eid day

As I stepped out of his air-conditioned workplace, my body confronted the heatwave outside. While, I waited to be rescued by a public transport, I pondered about the inequality in the society. My employers sat in their chilled offices while I was subjected to these unbearable sun-rays. But what is my fault? The weather seemed […]

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